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RED Interactive Agency, LLC on behalf of RED Games Privacy Policy

RED Interactive Agency, LLC on behalf of RED Games and its affiliates (collectively, “RED”) adopts this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) to explain RED’s dedication to the protection of the information of our users (“You” or “User”). This Privacy Policy describes how RED collects, stores, uses, and manages the information, including personal information, that You provide or RED collects in connection with our RED Services (as defined below). You acknowledge and understand that the scope of this Privacy Policy is limited to the information collected or received by RED through your use of the RED Services; RED is not responsible for the actions of third-parties and the use of any information they may attain or that You provide to them. Any links or advertisements within the RED Services do not constitute our sponsorship of, or affiliation with, those third-parties.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, RED Services means all software programs made available by RED including, but not limited to mobile games, downloadable/installable games for personal computer, and games accessed by means of a browser, mobile devices, handheld devices or other online communication methods, any and all updates and upgrades as well as accompanying manual(s), packaging and other written materials, files, electronic or on-line materials or documentation, and any and all copies of such software and any associated or related materials, as well as all services made available by RED, including but not limited to services accessed through mobile games, by means of a browser, mobile devices, handheld devices or by other online communication method.


If you do not AGREE WITH OR accept ANY OF the terms of this PRIVACY POLICY, do not download, install, use or access the RED Services, and IMMEDIATELY REMOVE or DELETE any RED Services or any materials related to RED Services FROM ALL DEVICES YOU OWN, MANAGE, OR CONTROL CONTAINING MATERIAL IN CONNECTION WITH RED SERVICES.

RED reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. It is Your sole responsibility to review it frequently. Your continued use of RED Services will signify your acceptance of the changes to, and all the terms contained in, this Privacy Policy.

1. Location and Non-Personal Data.

For purposes of this Privacy Policy, “non-personal data” means information that does not directly identify You, or data that no longer contains personally identifiable information.

RED may use third party tools or analytical software to automatically collect certain non-personal data. This data will not personally identify You, but may identify: (i) device properties, including, IP addresses, media addresses and unique device identifiers or other persistent or non-persistent device identifiers ("Device ID"); (ii) device software firmware or platform; (iii) service provider; (iv) geographical data; (v) game progress, scores and achievements; (vi) or other non-personal data as deemed necessary by RED to enhance the RED Services and other RED products.

RED may use and disclose the collected non-personal data for purposes of analyzing usage of the RED Services, advertisement serving, managing and providing the RED Services and to further develop the RED Services and other RED products.

To the extent RED makes location enabled RED Services available to You and You use such RED Services, RED may collect and process Your location data. Notwithstanding RED’s partners who are providing location related parts of the Service, RED will not share Your location with third parties without Your consent. To the extent RED makes available Your location to third parties in accordance with this Privacy Policy, it will be provided without any information identifying You as the actual User from the provided location.

RED reserves the right to use and disclose the collected non-personal data for purposes of advertisement. RED may utilize third party ad serving technologies that use certain methods to collect information as a result of ad serving through RED Services. RED may use demographic and location information as well as information from Your hardware or device to ensure that appropriate advertising is presented within the RED Services. RED may collect and use data for this purpose including, but not limited to IP address (including but not limited to for purposes of determining your coarse location), Device ID, software, applications, hardware, browser information, internet and on-line usage information and in-game information. 

You recognize and agree that the advertising companies who deliver ads for RED may combine the information collected with other information they have independently collected from other services or products. These companies operate independent of RED, and RED has no access or control over their policies or technologies. If you do not want to be subject to this technology, do not use or access RED Services. 

3. Personal Data

For purposes of this Privacy Policy, “personal data” means personally identifiable information that specifically identifies You as an individual.

Personal data includes, but is not limited to, Your: name, e-mail address, phone number, photograph, birthdate, sex, address, image, avatar image, social networking user name/nickname, “friend connections”, credit card information, and shipping information.

You acknowledge and agree that certain features of the RED Services may be able to connect to Your social networking sites to obtain additional information about You from Your social networking profile including, but not limited to Your: name, “profile picture”, sex, birthdate, user ID, email address, country, language, time zone, the organizations and links on Your profile page, and other information You have included in Your social networking site profile. RED may associate and/or combine as well as use information collected by RED and/or obtained through such social networking sites in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

You acknowledge and agree that RED may use personal and/or non-personal data for purposes including, but not limited to, providing customer and technical support, analyzing User trends and target certain promotions, notifying You of RED company news, offers, and promotions, contacting You about your user-experience, promoting merchandise programs, managing and providing RED Services, managing advertisement serving, and updating and improving RED Services.

The following list, in addition to other methods described herein, provides some of the ways Your non-personal and personal data is utilized by RED (this list is not exhaustive): create User accounts; allow Users to use RED Services; improve RED Services; enhance User experiences; deliver products and updates; send Users information regarding RED Services; provide security alerts and technical support information; communicate with Users regarding promotions, rewards, updates, events, and news; link or combine You with third-parties; share Your data with third-parties for marketing purposes; sharing non-personal data with advertisers, publishers, business partners, or sponsors. 

4. Invite a Friend

RED Services may offer you the opportunity allowing you to notify a “friend” by importing your address book contacts or by manually entering an e-mail address. This option will allow you to invite friends to utilize RED Services with You. RED may store Your “friend’s” name and contact details that you provide to RED. Such contact information will be used only for the purpose of sending communications to the “friend”. You acknowledge and agree that You and/or Your “friend” are solely responsible for any messaging rates that may apply. You or Your “friend” may contact RED at to request any removal of this information from RED’s systems.

5. Third Parties

RED may hire third-parties such as entities that collect and process non-personal and personal data, process credit cards, assist in the shipping of any RED merchandise, analyze data and collected information. RED may provide your non-personal and personal data to these third-parties for the purposes of allowing such third-parties to conduct their business practices. Despite RED’s efforts to (i) have these third-parties maintain the confidentiality of any Personal and Non-personal Data collected, and (ii) prevent these third-parties from violating this Privacy Policy, RED is in no way responsible for any actions or omissions by these third-parties and You shall not hold RED liable for any such violations, actions, or the like.

Furthermore, RED may be required to disclose Your non-personal or personal data by way or a judicial order or other legally enforced method. In such scenarios, RED will provide any and all information as requested. RED may also disclose Your non-personal or personal data if RED believes it necessary to prevent any criminal acts or any injury or interference with RED’s rights (of any sort), property, RED Services, or the like. RED will make a commercially reasonable effort to notify You of such disclosure.

6. Cookies

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “cookies” means a small text file that is transferred to Your computer and/or device to identify the certain pieces of information about You and Your device including, but not limited to, preferences, user name, and password. Cookies do not contain any personal data and are used, rather, to simply identify You when You access the RED Services. You may be able to disable this function through your browser or device settings. Such information collected from cookies will be treated in the same manner as any non-personal data collected. Third-parties may use these cookies to identify what types of advertisements may be suited for You.

7. Data Retention

RED reserves the right to hold, store, and contain any and all non-personal and personal data as RED deems necessary to perform the functions contained in this Privacy Policy and the functions that require such data.

8. Security

RED takes reasonable measures to protect Your data from unauthorized access or against any loss or misuse by third-parties. RED maintains firewall-protected servers. Despite these efforts, security breaches are a possibility that we cannot guarantee against. We cannot guarantee that Your non-personal and personal data will not be unlawfully obtained by “hackers”. We cannot represent or warrant that Your information will be protected against loss, misuse, or alteration of any sort. By using the RED Services, You acknowledge and agree to such risks, and will not hold RED liable for any damages. You will not be entitled to any remedies available, including those at equity and law, for any such breach. Please use RED Services at Your own risk.

9. Children

By using the RED Services, You represent that You are age 13 or older and that You understand agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. RED does not intentionally collect or gather any personal information from children under the age of 13. If RED inadvertently collects any personal data of any child under the age of 13, RED will take commercially reasonable actions to erase such personal data. If You have reason to believe that RED has collected such personal data, please contact RED immediately through the RED website If You are between the ages of 13 and 17, You represent that Your legal guardian has reviewed and agreed to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Your parent or legal guardian, upon reviewing this Privacy Policy, may elect to prevent the disclosure, if any, of any collected personal or non-personal Data to any third-parties. Furthermore, Your parent or legal guardian may (i) review any of Your personal or non-personal data collected by RED, (ii) request to have it deleted, and (iii) refuse any further collection of Your personal or non-personal data. If Your parent or legal guardian desires to prevent such disclosure, review and/or delete any of Your personal or non-personal data, or refuse any further collection, please have Your parent or legal guardian contact RED at the below address or number. 

RED Contact Information:
RED Interactive Agency, LLC
3420 Ocean Park Boulevard
Suite 2000
Santa Monica, California 90405
Phone: 310.399.4242

10. Other

Your accessing of the RED Services may subject You to third-party terms and conditions to which RED is not liable or responsible for in any way. Such third-parties may utilize Your non-personal and personal data. Furthermore, in utilizing the RED Services and at RED’s sole discretion, You may be provided with advertisements or links to third-party websites and/or promotions. These third-parties are not affiliated with RED and are not operated by RED. RED is not responsible for the actions or omissions of such third-parties nor does RED support or endorse such third-parties and any advertisements or products associated with such third-parties. 

11. Reservation to Change

RED reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at its sole and absolute discretion from time to time. Users are responsible to check for frequent updates to this Privacy Policy which will be made available on this page. A Users continued use of any RED Services, after any changes to this Privacy Policy have been made, will be deemed acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy.

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